Route 219 Fares Well in PENNDOT Infrastructure Survey

Posted on August 17th, 2015

At the end of 2014, PENNDOT kicked off a community outreach program to assess infrastructure issues statewide, and get feedback from users. Continental 1 representatives met with PENNDOT at the time and, in the absence of a federal funding program for infrastructure that could support a major infrastructure project, it was agreed upon that engaging with this process would be a viable way to draw attention to “trouble spots” along Route 219, with a focus on both safety and mobility.

We put the call out to Route 219 stakeholders and you answered! Many of you submitted comments to PENNDOT on specific opportunities to improve the road, while at the same time keeping our eye on the prize of a dedicated, four-lane restricted north-south corridor. This week, PENNDOT released its report on the stakeholder outreach, in which a great deal of attention was brought to the Route 219 corridor, particularly north of I-80 to the New York State line.

PENNDOT’s analysis, which is very well-done with easily accessible information, can be found at

With the study complete, the Continental 1 Board will continue to work with PENNDOT to advocate for improvements to the Route 219 corridor based on stakeholder input. Thanks to all of the #Complete219 supporters who participated in the survey.