Letter to the Editor – Salisbury Route 219 Committee

Posted on September 25th, 2015

The Route 219 Citizen’s Advisory Committee met Wednesday, August 19th in Salisbury for the first time since 2005. The CAC is comprised of representatives of multiple community and business segments.  In 2007, the US 219 study from Meyersdale, Pennsylvania to the I-68 Interchange in Maryland was placed on hold due to the lack of funding but Maryland has recently committed funding for the Route 68 interchange which has re-started the study.

The purpose of the meeting was to reactivate the CAC to share the status of the study and to hear concerns, gather information and listen to recommendations. The committee would like to receive community feedback to share with the Study Team regarding completion of this section of US 219. The study being done will include route screening, cultural resources, and environmental studies concerning bats and aquatic species.

A public informational workshop was held in Grantsville in September 2014 where four proposed routes were displayed. A newsletter is planned for late September followed by a public informational workshop in November. Letters of support concerning the project should be sent to: Somerset County Planning Commission-Complete 219, 300 North Center Avenue-Suite 540, Somerset, PA 15501, email: vatavukj@co.somerset.pa.us or fax: 445-7991. Your support of this project is vital to keep this project moving forward.

John P. Vatavuk, member Citizen’s Advisory Committee.