NYS Senator Grisanti letter on NYSDOT funding

Posted on February 8th, 2012

John Neidhart, FAIR Committee

Attached you will find a letter from Senator Mark Grisanti to DOT Commissioner Joan McDonald regarding the DOT’s $167 million funding error in Region 5. Our WNY legislative delegation has gotten out in front on this issue and is doing a very good job of keeping the heat turned up.

(Click HERE to download the letter.)

I urge all FAIR Committee members to contact their legislators, in writing preferably, and to point out the importance of full restoration of this lost funding as soon as possible. A letter to the Governor as well would not hurt.

I will be providing you all with up to date contact information for your legislators in the very near future.

Please be advised that your FAIR Executive has been meeting, and will continue to meet, with your legislators seeking an expedited correction of this egregious error.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this most serious matter.