Continental 1 representatives advocate in Washington for trade corridors

Posted on April 15th, 2015

Bradford Era

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The multi-state advocacy group Continental 1 joined with the North/South Coalition on Capitol Hill in Washington to push infrastructure funding and trade corridors — including Continental 1 on U.S. Route 219.

Continental 1 board president G. Henry Cook, executive director Meg Lauerman and board member John Vatavuk have joined transportation advocates in the North/South Coalition, representing New York state, Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia, in Washington on Tuesday and today to advocate for a long-term federal infrastructure funding program and to raise awareness for the importance of trade corridors.

“To realize the full economic potential of the various communities along Route 219, it is critical that we maintain a consistent conversation with our elected decision-makers on the benefits of investing in trade corridors,” said Cook, president and chief executive officer of Somerset Trust Co., and Continental 1’s board president since January. “The economic impact of strategic, regionally and national significant capital infrastructure projects cannot be understated, offering short- and long-term job creation, new business opportunity, safer roadways, strengthened trade routes and regional growth.”

The group is meeting with Congressional representatives from all four of their states to stress the need for study and construction funding for the completion of the North/South Appalachian Corridor, including Route 219.

On the agenda will be funding for targeted projects along the Continental 1 corridor, including the Interstate 86/Route 219 interchange in New York’s Southern Tier, and the seven-mile stretch of Route 219 between Meyersdale and the Pennsylvania/Maryland state line.

More information on the initiative to complete Route 219 can be found on the website