Continental 1 Launches New Website

Posted on February 20th, 2009

BUFFALO, N.Y.- Continental 1, a bi-national coalition of business, community, and government leaders dedicated to developing an economic trade corridor between Toronto and Miami, has launched The website has been completely recreated to bring greater awareness of the efforts to complete the further progress on development of the economic trade corridor.

With the help of a $1.5 million DOT grant administered by NYSDOT, Continental 1 is beginning an extensive outreach campaign to build awareness and help agencies, businesses and communities identify development opportunities along this trade corridor. The organization’s main focus is completing the Route 219 from Springville to Pennsylvania. The website contains information about the history behind the establishment of Coalition 1, maps of Route 219, and the benefits this project will bring to the public.

“Completion of Route 219 and the development of Continental 1 is an emerging economic opportunity that will garner investment from both private and public sectors,” said Continental 1 Board of Directors President, Chris Hauser.

The first phase of the Route 219 expansion in New York was completed back in 1979 and included 24 miles from I-90 south to Springville. The second phase is under construction now and includes 4 miles south of Springville. This $121 million expansion includes a dual span bridge. Pictures from the construction site showing the progress can be found on This expansion should be complete in late 2009.

In Pennsylvania, the rehabilitation of the Bradford by-pass was completed in the summer of 2008. Other stretches of the 219, including the Johnsonburg by-pass in Elk County, PA and an area south of I-80 including the Meyersdale by-pass, are currently undergoing reviews for renovations.