The Niagara Frontier alone carries 19% of the US/Canada trade. It is estimated that 600 jobs in Ontario and 800 jobs in NYS are dependent upon trade crossing between Canada and the US. The US/Canadian trade relationship is the largest bi-national trade relationship in the world. Canada’s US trade is three times larger than their trade with the rest of the world combined.

Continental 1 is the most important economic development opportunity facing us today!

The benefits of the Continental 1 trade corridor will be widespread. Many will benefit from companies saving money transporting products up and down the East Coast…
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Zogby International Survey Results

Results showed that stakeholders in New York and Pennsylvania were more supportive of Route 219 expansion and rebranding than in any other survey conducted by Zogby International…View Fact Sheet #2 (PDF)

Utilizing $600K in private funding and $___ million in public funding during the past 10 years, the organization has successfully built public awareness, business partnerships and political support for the completion of this bi-national intermodal transportation corridor.

How will Continental 1 connect major east coast cities if it is just one road and it doesn’t run through any major cities?

Continental 1 will cross the lines of two major U. S. rail carriers and 14 east-west interstate highway systems, providing inland access to all major East Coast air and marine ports.

What is Continental 1’s current focus?

Continental 1’s main goal right now is to complete the 219 from New York through Pennsylvania. That means from Ashford, New York, down to the Pennsylvania line and then down through Somerset County, PA, to Maryland.

Continental 1 is one of the most important initiatives on the table today for the north south, bi-national regions of NYS, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia and Ontario, Canada. This is a critical time for Continental 1 – the completion of Route 219 is New York and connection of the entire route is absolutely vital to our region’s economy, safety and accessibility. Transportation is cited as the #2 issue for relocation of a company.

Can representatives from Continental 1 come speak to my organization about the benefits of a four-lane limited access highway?

Absolutely. Members of our staff and Board of Directors are always willing to spend time explaining the purpose and need of Continental 1. Contact us at info@continental1.org or at 716.697.0950 to schedule a speaker.