The benefits of a complete Continental 1, the 1,500-mile direct route from Toronto to Miami, can be seen on national, regional and local levels, across five areas of focus:

Trade Corridor – Completion of Rt. 219 through New York, Pennsylvania and Maryland will provide attractive logistics benefit for manufacturing attraction and expansion throughout the corridor, providing a shorter, more cost-efficient trucking route for East Coast, Midwest and Canadian shippers.

Linkage – Improved linkage between the cities, towns and villages along Rt. 219 are a key benefit of the completion of the highway, offering enhanced accessibility for commercial and personal travel.

Safety – A primary goal of Continental 1 trade corridor is to improve safety by detouring heavy long-distance traffic onto the corridor, away from the central business districts.

Tourism – Greater accessibility to communities along the Rt. 219 corridor will provide growth opportunities for the tourism and entertainment industries, particularly in Western New York and Pennsylvania.

Job Creation and Economic Development – Completion of Continental 1 will lead to significant job growth and economic impact by allowing communities along the corridor to take advantage of current initiatives such as the growth of the Marcellus Shale natural gas industry, the strengthening trade relationship with Ontario, and the expansion of the Panama Canal. .


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